Dad Recommends Hotel 10 Miles Away From City You’re Visiting

WARREN, MI—Saying the establishment was both close to the airport and just off the highway, your dad announced Monday that he knows of a great hotel just 10 miles away from the city you’re visiting. “It’s a pretty good deal, and if you do decide to head downtown, they have a shuttle bus that can drop you off at the subway station,” said your dad of the suburban Country Inn & Suites located a full 90-minute train ride away from your vacation destination. “They have a business center in case you need to print your plane ticket and a continental breakfast so you can grab a banana or some corn flakes instead of shelling out $15 for some ritzy brunch in the city. The area isn’t really walkable, but I was able to get to that Fuddruckers on the other side of the parking lot when I stayed there for work.” At press time, your dad also suggested trying to squeeze in a visit with your aunt and uncle who live just a few hours from the hotel.


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