Dad Announces Plan To Honk When He’s Out Front

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BRUNSWICK, OH—Announcing his intentions to pick up his 13-year-old daughter at 6:30 sharp, local dad Phil Cobb clearly and concisely outlined his plan to honk when he’s out front, sources confirmed Wednesday. “Just be ready to go when I honk,” said Cobb, who confirmed that he wants to be back home and in the door by 7 p.m. and would not tolerate dawdling, while briefing his daughter in the family’s four-door sedan. “Are we clear? 6:30 on the dot. Have your shoes on. I don’t want to wait around like last time.” After pulling out of the driveway, Cobb reportedly proceeded to lower the windows, turn up the volume on the radio, and sing along to the Eagles’ hit song “Take It Easy.”


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