MILWAUKEE—Posing the question in a company-wide email Monday, Brandful Interactive marketing associate Peter Schulte reportedly inquired whether any of his colleagues were interested in laying bare their physical inadequacies in a recreational basketball league this year. “Spring’s finally here, which means it’s time to get back out on the court and expose our feebleness and lack of physical stamina for all to see. Who’s in?” read the message in part, which added that the invitation was open to any full- or part-time employee who’d like to showcase their limited ability to run, shortness of breath, and propensity to sweat profusely before they ultimately request to be substituted out less than five minutes into the game. “Our first matchup is next Friday, so if you have any interest in putting your flat-footedness and effectively nonexistent hand-eye coordination on full display to your closest work associates, let me know.” Schulte concluded the message by asking any willing participants to reply with their T-shirt size so he could order them a colorful uniform that would leave little about their weak, grotesque physiques to their coworkers’ imaginations.