Illustration for article titled Coworker Retreats To Remote Corner Of Office To Complete Disgusting Food Order

SEATTLE—In an effort to ensure that none of his coworkers would be within earshot of his call, DocuSign employee David Olson reportedly retreated to a remote corner of the office Friday to complete a particularly disgusting food order. “I’ll get that with bacon, extra mayo, and ranch dressing,” said the 32-year-old account manager, who reportedly lowered his voice to a whisper while craning his neck to double-check that the coast was still clear. “Make sure to hold the lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Does it cost extra to swap the side salad for the chili cheese fries?” At press time, a hunched-over Olson was frantically devouring the food at his desk to prevent his coworkers from noticing the shameful meal.


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