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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL—Looking forward to a couple days devoid of any kind of mental stimulation, local couple Owen Lefeld and Emma Douglas set off on a weekend trip outside the city Friday to get away from all the arts and culture. “It can feel so suffocating being surrounded by all these world-class museums and parks all the time, so it helps to occasionally take a little trip out to the suburbs,” said Lefeld, 34, explaining that the excursion would allow the two of them to escape the relentlessness of human intellectual achievement. “As soon as I see that first strip mall, I just feel myself start to unwind. It’s nice to be somewhere where there’s just one diner with mediocre sandwiches, and not have to deal with the seemingly endless array of unique and enticing cuisine options from around the world that comes with living in the city. It’s only a short trip, but it will be nice to soak up the monotony while we can.” Lefeld added that the couple had left at rush hour to ensure they would hit as much traffic as possible on their journey. 


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