Couple Starting To Feel Like They Just Don’t Have Any TV Shows In Common

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WILMINGTON, DE—Admitting that it had been a long time since the pair had been in sync with each other, local couple Toby Moss and Kate Rosen acknowledged Tuesday that they were beginning to feel like they just didn’t have any TV shows in common anymore. “When Kate and I first started dating, it seemed like we enjoyed all the same premium cable dramas and network sitcoms, but the honeymoon period is definitely over,” said Moss, 30, reflecting that in recent times, the two of them would be lucky to share as much as a Seinfeld rerun together. “I still remember staying up super late having the most amazing conversations about the Breaking Bad finale, but that all feels like a long time ago. These days, I’ve found myself drifting more and more towards medical and police procedurals, but Kate doesn’t seem willing to move past Netflix originals. I’ve tried to get excited about Bigmouth and The Haunting Of Hill House, but it takes real effort, and honestly, I’m afraid the passion just isn’t there anymore.” Moss added that he knew the writing was on the wall after he found himself lying outright to Rosen just to avoid watching the third season of Sherlock.

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