Couple Spices Up Love Life By Adding Sex Into Relationship

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SANTA CLARITA, CA—Admitting that they had been stuck in a rut for several months, local couple Katherine Park and Brett Jordan told reporters Wednesday how they had recently spiced up their love life by introducing sex into their relationship. “After a few years together, things had started to feel a bit stale, but luckily that all changed when we began experimenting with sexual intercourse,” said Park, explaining that regular acts of penetrative copulation had provided their bedroom routine with some much-needed zest. “We had heard stories about people trying out sex and were a bit skeptical, to be honest, but as soon as we started engaging in genital contact, everything felt fresh and exciting again. We’re both kicking ourselves for not thinking of it sooner. It’s a really nice way to mix things up.” Park went on to add that she and her husband were now wondering whether sex might be a fun activity to try during the monthly swingers’ party the couple hosts in their home.


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