Couple On Verge Of Breaking Up Has Mind-Blowing Aquarium Visit

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CHICAGO—Startled at how their festering resentment all but vanished, local couple Steve Ewer and Heather Larson, who sources said were on the verge of breaking up Thursday, had a mind-blowing visit to Shedd Aquarium. “It’s seemed for a while now like any day we were going to reach our breaking point, but then we got to the aquarium and everything suddenly changed,” said Ewer, explaining that, despite the two of them having been unhappy for quite some time, all the animosity seemed to melt away as they watched a sea turtle and a manta ray swim by them amidst swirling schools of colorful tropical fish. “I mean, there was one point later in the day where we started really arguing again, like this was going to be the big one, but then, out of nowhere, this manatee swam up right to the glass as if to say, ‘Don’t argue. You two love each other.’ After that, we completely forgot what we were yelling about. It was, well, magical.” At press time, Ewer and Larson were fighting at the zoo, and the sight of a lethargic, emaciated tiger was just making things worse.


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