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CLEVELAND, OH—Fearing their friends and family members might not understand or accept the unconventional origin of their relationship, Margot Bradley and Josh Ezdon confessed their apprehension over divulging that they had met online in the comments section of a YouTube video titled “Ironing Your Shirts - STEP BY STEP.” “My parents are a bit old-fashioned, so this would be difficult to tell them, even though more and more people are finding love in online comments sections every day,” said Bradley, explaining that she and Ezdon had been brought together following a brief exchange of comments praising the clarity and efficacy of the video’s ironing technique. “As easy as the internet has made it for like-minded people to meet in interest-specific online communities, it’s become much more difficult to explain the exact circumstances of those meetings. I mean, one of my best friends met her husband in the comments section of “Bruce Springsteen - Jungleland (LYRICS),” and that type of granular instant connection just doesn’t happen in real life.” Bradley also reluctantly admitted that she and Ezdon had still not met up in person.


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