Illustration for article titled Condo Board Member Thinks Bylaw Cover-Up Might Go All The Way To Deb

PENSACOLA, FL—With everything becoming more and more clear the deeper he dug, local Oceanside Heights Condominium board member Carl Langford began to suspect Tuesday that a bylaw cover-up might go all the way to Deb. “Deb? This can’t be possible, could it?” said a shaken Langford, adding that while he might have expected someone like Bruce or Monica to look the other way when a new tenant brought in a dog over the 20-pound limit, he never imagined that Deb herself could be implicated. “I guess Deb thought that no one would ever connect the dots. One of the junior board members would take the fall, and she’d walk away with her hands clean. And, who knows, with her kind of power, she just might.” At press time, Langford was debating whether to confide in Tim, who, for all he knew, was in on it too.

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