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OMAHA, NE—In an effort to be fully prepared for potential rejections, Creighton University admissions officers reportedly accepted a safety student Wednesday just in case their top choices didn’t work out. “Rachel Fulton from Roseville, Minnesota certainly isn’t one of the best students in the country, but we felt we needed to have a decent backup if our other options turn us down,” said undergraduate admissions officer Laura Kleinman, adding that the school had to be realistic and not risk gambling away everything on a reach student they had little chance of getting. “Obviously, we’d love to have our dream student, Dave Hirschman, and we could definitely see ourselves with Angela Ramirez, too. But everybody’s trying to get those two, so it’s a longshot for us. Rachel’s a decent enough student, if that’s what we’re left with.” At press time, Kleinman expressed concerns that they might have to swallow their pride and accept a community college transfer if Fulton fell through.


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