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PITTSBURGH—In an effort to respect the wishes of the deceased’s friends and family, funeral home director Don Chaffe confirmed Tuesday that Gary Meyer’s remembrance service would feature a closed casket except for those mourners who want a peek at something really crazy. “At such times of loss as this, it’s important we do everything in our power to honor the memory of those who’ve passed, not glorify their insanely outrageous death in a drunken collision with a gasoline tanker, which is why the casket will remain closed for almost all of the service,” said Chaffe, adding that taking a gander at the “balls-to-the-wall insanity” was not for the faint of heart while placing a discreet display of barf bags conveniently close to the casket. “Everyone grieves in their own way, and for some, that is through quiet reflection, while for others, it’s through getting completely grossed out by a glimpse of some sick and twisted shit.” Several attendees of Meyer’s funeral said they were devastated but stoked to get a quick glance of something rated at least R, if not full-on NC-17.

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