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PENNSAUKEN, NJ—Warning the children that the 75-year-old matriarch had been dealing with a number of health problems lately, local mother Wendy Gritton devoted the majority of an hour-long car ride Friday to explaining what things will be different about their grandmother during this visit. “Remember, kids, Nana is slowing down these days and she can’t walk anymore, so don’t expect her to chase you around,” said Gritton, adding that her mother, Cecelia, may not recognize them. “When you hug Grandma, you might notice that she’s lost some weight recently, but don’t worry—she’s still your Grandma. She can’t really hear that well these days, and she’s very tired. We’re going to have to be quiet and on our best behavior.” At press time, Gritton and her kids had finally arrived at their grandmother’s funeral.


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