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TORONTO—Explaining that he hated to think of all the physician’s efforts going unrewarded, Canadian citizen Ryan Munley stated Tuesday that he wished there was some way he could pay his medical doctor for all his hard work. “Dr. Leva really went above and beyond for me, and I wish there were some method of exchange, preferably one that would put me in debt far beyond my usual retirement age, I could engage in to display my appreciation,” said Munley, who confessed to feeling as if he were stealing from his internist outright, especially since the clinician required multiple rounds of appointments and testing in order to achieve a diagnosis and devise a treatment plan. “My doctor, like so many, is a dedicated professional who works extremely hard, yet I am unable to give him a single dollar, let alone nearly bankrupt my family in order to pay for his services. It hardly seems civilized.” Several personal checks that Munley tried to send his to doctor’s practice have reportedly been returned along with legal notices reprimanding him for attempted payment.


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