Boucard says Gordon should have known she was only joking when she texted her a dozen times each day asking if she’d killed herself yet.

SAGEBROOK, NJ—Following the reported suicide of local teen Jenny Gordon, longtime bully Hannah Boucard, 17, told reporters Wednesday that she could not believe her classmate took four straight years of being told to kill herself seriously.

Boucard, who reflected on the verbal and written assaults she had directed toward Gordon on a daily basis since first meeting her in 2011, confirmed that she was still shocked that her classmate could let over 2,000 suggestions to end her life get to her.


“How was I supposed to know that sending a text every single morning saying the world would be better off if she died would be the type of thing she’d take personally?” said Boucard, adding that the recently deceased Gordon must have been a lot more sensitive than she thought. “I probably only told her once each day during gym class that nobody can stand to be around her or look at her pimply face, and that we’re all waiting for her to climb into the tub and slit her wrists. Sure, from seventh through 10th grade I posted Facebook message after Facebook message to her timeline telling her that everyone who knows her wished she would just disappear—and just because of that she killed herself? Give me a break.”

“God, I didn’t think she’d get that bent out of shape when I Gchatted her every day to tell her she would be much happier dead than alive,” Boucard added.

“You’d think she would have understood that, when I repeatedly called her a worthless slut who wouldn’t be missed, I wasn’t being literal.”


Boucard told reporters that, even in retrospect, she was still unsure how Gordon could have actually believed her almost daily suggestions that going home after school and taking her life would be the best thing for everyone, including her parents. Noting that she never actually meant any of the scores of weekly tweets, instant messages, and Snapchats encouraging Gordon to put herself out of her misery, Boucard stated she remains bewildered as to how her 16-year-old classmate could have seen it that way.

Sources confirmed that Boucard always assumed that Gordon would have known she was only messing around when it came to turning her friends against the high school sophomore and constantly tormenting her in the cafeteria, at the mall, before softball practice, on bus rides, and throughout summer vacations.


“You’d think she would have understood that, when I repeatedly called her a worthless slut who wouldn’t be missed, I wasn’t being literal,” said Boucard, stating that she couldn’t help it if Gordon somehow overanalyzed or misinterpreted the intent behind the barrage of anonymous messages deriding her weight issues that she sent on apps like Yik Yak and Burnbook. “How was she going to get through life if every single time someone spent their entire middle school career hounding her to finally end it all, she did it?”

“She’s such a drama queen,” Boucard continued.

After describing the malicious note that she left in Gordon’s locker hours before her death, Boucard told reporters that four years of unending abuse is apparently all it takes to get under some people’s skin.


“It was just a simple, silly 1,100 texts over the course of her entire adolescence saying she had nothing left to live for—that’s it,” said Boucard, who added that she can’t be expected to control how someone chooses to respond to seeing an email inbox full of attacks about their outdated clothing and lack of a social life when they wake up every morning. “So I’m supposed to just hold back from spreading an almost unending stream of false rumors about her sex life and telling her suicide was the best way out? What am I, her mommy?”

“Learn to take a fucking joke,” she added.

At press time, several of Gordon’s friends confirmed that when she told them she couldn’t take it anymore for five straight months, they assumed she was only kidding.


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