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FARMINGTON HILLS, MI—Remarking that she’d felt stuck in a rut ever since re-binging Paw Patrol, bored 4-year-old Mia Neimark decided to mix things up Friday by watching a movie she’s only seen 97 times before. “At first, I was like, nah, I’ll just watch my butterfly show again, but then I remembered—I haven’t seen the Trolls movie in two whole days,” said Neimark, who momentarily paused to look at the Gnome Alone icon on Netflix before deciding that she wanted to engage with something “a little more challenging.” “Sure, a part of me wants to lie down on the couch and zone out to Hotel Transylvania 2 or Moana, but after you’ve seen those movies every day for a year, you just crave something new. With Trolls, I dunno! It’s just fun to be surprised sometimes because, at this point, I only have half the words memorized.” At press time, Neimark could be seen mouthing along with the final lines of the film, applauding, and then pressing “replay” for the 98th time.


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