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BROOKLYN—Remarking that it seemed as though she was intentionally twisting the meaning of his words, an audience participant at a drag brunch Thursday confirmed that he felt like the performer was deliberately misconstruing his responses to her questions. “When I first mentioned that I was a plumber and she said that she had some holes she’d like me to plug, I of course assumed I wasn’t being clear in my remarks, but as the interview progressed, I began to suspect she was being willfully obtuse in interpreting my answers,” said attendee Jake Shoals, 38, detailing how his straightforward comment about the bottomless mimosa special had been distorted into a suggestion that he would enjoy seeing women without their skirts on, which was reportedly not his intention at all. “Now, she’s asking me if I prefer my eggs done over easy, which seems like an innocuous enough question, but I’m frankly afraid to answer!” Shoals added that he hadn’t been this flabbergasted since a stand-up comedian had persisted in suggesting his girlfriend of five years was a sex worker despite any evidence to suggest such a thing.


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