Illustration for article titled Armed Teacher Rehearses Shooting Wall, Gunman, 3 Students During Active Shooter Drill

CHANCELLOR, SD—Walking carefully through each step so she would be prepared to act under pressure, armed teacher Melissa Wade rehearsed shooting the wall, a gunman, and three students Tuesday as part of an active shooter drill. “It’s sad our students have to live with the reality of school shootings, but I feel safer knowing that should the worst happen, I’ll be able to spray bullets into classroom and, fingers crossed, kill the right kid,” said Wade, as she aimed an unloaded firearm at various targets around the room as well as her students silently huddled in the corner farthest from the door. “I’m worried I’ll freeze up in the heat of the moment and forget to gun down anyone who runs past my doorway, but that’s where the training kicks in. First, I pull the gun from my desk, then I wave it around a bunch to keep everyone calm. Then I shoot out all the windows, blow a hole through my own hand, fire into the crowd of evacuating students, then drop the gun and run for my life once the chamber’s empty. And if all goes according to plan, at least one of the victims bleeding out on the linoleum when the police arrive is the gunman.” At press time, the active shooter drill concluded with the school security guard demonstrating how he will run up to the front door, suddenly retreat, dive into his car, and drive away.


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