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BROOKLYN, NY—In the wake of a sexual misconduct allegation that led to the firing of the longtime Today cohost, local woman Meredith Duncan on Wednesday was reportedly quietly satisfied to have concrete evidence backing up her years-long hatred of Matt Lauer. “I’ve despised that man for going on two decades, and now I finally know why,” said Duncan, 47, adding that there was always something off-putting about the man who had been a fixture on the NBC morning show since 1997, a vague loathing for him that had not fully made sense until this very moment. “I knew it couldn’t just be that he was a terrible journalist throwing softball questions at guests with that smirk on his face. There had to be a better, more disgusting reason, and it honestly feels pretty great to have my distaste for the man fully justified after all this time.” At press time, Duncan was smugly letting anyone who brought up the allegation against Lauer know that she wasn’t surprised in the slightest and that a few people suspected something was wrong with him all along.


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