Illustration for article titled Area Mother Doesn’t See Why Thai People Need To Make Food So Spicy

BLOOMINGTON, IN—Insisting that inhabitants of the Southeast Asian country “can’t possibly eat like this every day,” local mother Courtney Meisner confirmed Tuesday that she does not understand why Thai people need all their food to be so spicy. “Why do they have to make it so strong and peppery? There’s too many spices,” a flushed Meisner said during lunch at the Lemongrass Thai Grill, reaching for her glass of water to wash down a spoonful of tom yum goong. “Honestly, how can they stand this? There’s no way their children eat this spicy food, I’ll tell you that much.” Unable to finish more than a few bites of her penang curry entrée, Meisner went on to state that Thai people really ought to put all the spices on the side “so you can just put in however much you want.”

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