EAU CLAIRE, WI—Hoping for additional emails to quickly arrive and take up space in his inbox, local man Steve Mazza told reporters Wednesday that he is patiently waiting for a humiliating message to cycle off the first page of his email program. “It looks like I’ve got a few more days until there’s enough new stuff to bump this thing to the second page,” said Mazza, referring to an email with the subject line “RE: Dinner sometime…?” in which a female acquaintance politely, but unambiguously, rejects Mazza’s invitation to go on a date. “It’s almost low enough on the front page now where I won’t see it without scrolling down, but it’ll take about 30 more messages before this thing is off my screen for good. I could really use a few Facebook notification emails right about now.” At press time, a restless Mazza was considering loosening his spam filter to help push away the shameful email even sooner.