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ATHENS, GA—Humming along Tuesday as he tried out various chord progressions on his acoustic guitar until he found one he liked, local advertising sales representative Daniel Sorenson is, according to sources, currently in the throes of one of his little bursts of creative energy where he attempts to write a song. “Dan’s just in one of his moods where he gets all excited, takes out his guitar, and spends a couple hours trying to come up with a full song,” said Sorenson’s fiancée, Margaret O’Dell, who later added that if Sorenson is feeling particularly energetic, he’ll usually start his song off with some fingerpicking that transitions into vigorous strumming during a chorus. “This happens every couple months or so. He’ll tire himself out in a few hours, right around the time he finishes writing down the lyrics he came up with in this special little notebook he has, or when he tries to put together a bridge.” Sorenson is reportedly expected to awaken tomorrow with a deep sense of inadequacy and shame, and never again revisit the unfinished song.


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