MAPLE GROVE, MN—Saying that he didn’t think it was too much to ask, area father Joseph Sanborn, 48, reportedly told family members Thursday that all he wanted was to sit down, relax, and watch a single seven-hour block of television without being interrupted. “I work hard all day, so I think I should be allowed to take a load off and watch a little TV from the time I get home until well past midnight without any distractions,” Sanborn told his wife and children, saying that he didn’t see why he couldn’t just kick back on the couch and watch hour after hour of television without anyone making noise, calling him into another room, or attempting to engage him in conversation. “All I’m asking is that everyone just let me sit down after work and spend about one-third of the day in front of the TV, all right? Just give me several hours by myself to watch Modern Family, the Vikings game, Die Hard 2, and three back-to-back episodes of Man V. Food in peace. That doesn’t sound too hard to me.” Sanborn added that he deserves a little time to himself during the week, as he barely gets 16 hours per day to watch television over the weekend.