Area 5-Year-Old Has Tummy Cancer

CITRUS HEIGHTS, CA—Joshua Colquitt, a Citrus Heights-area 5-year-old, was diagnosed Monday with inoperable cancer of the tummy.


"The doctor says I have something bad in my tum-tum," said Colquitt, speaking from his bed at St. Luke's Memorial Hospital. "He said he's gonna try his best to make it go away, but he's not sure he can."


Colquitt first complained of tummy pain on Feb. 20. Subsequent tests revealed that a malignant, golf-ball-sized tumor had metastasized near the point where the duodenum meets the belly-welly.

"I've got to be a brave boy until my tummy gets better," Colquitt said.

Tummy cancer claims the lives of more than 4,500 children each year.

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