Illustration for article titled Adoption Agency Gives Couple Who Waited Long Time An Extra Kid Free Of Charge

FERGUS FALLS, MN—Gifting them another 7-year-old as a token of appreciation for their patience, local adoption agency Kindred Family Focus reportedly gave a couple who waited a long time an extra kid free of charge Wednesday. “We know we kept you waiting for a child for a long time, so in order to show our thanks, we’ve decided to throw in a freebie,” said Eric Steadfast, the agency manager, explaining how they would be waving all the associated fees as a small gesture of goodwill for the couple’s loyalty. “We want to make sure our customers are pleased with their service, so we’ve decided to make this deal a twofer, with the second child being totally complimentary. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy John and Derrick—they should go well together.” At press time, the couple was wondering if they could get a sportier model in a different color. 


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