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SIOUX FALLS, SD—Playacting raised voices and heated accusations as she made her toys stomp around her bedroom floor, 3-year-old Allyson Barnes was reportedly pretending Wednesday that her stuffed animals were having a big fight about an accidental pregnancy. “How could you have been so careless, Mrs. Puffles?” said Barnes, pretending that a sheep burst into tears and locked herself in a bureau drawer while a kangaroo shouted, “I only meant we should discuss all our options,” as he banged on the outside with his large feet. “No, you explain to me how we’re supposed to afford this place with another mouth to feed. How is this my fault? Oh, yeah? Well, I never even wanted the first one!” Barnes then reportedly enacted a new scenario in which a rubber ducky was sent to stay with an alligator puppet for a little while until its parents figured some things out.


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